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Weight Loss and Other Services

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Enjoy total body wellness at Musuma Medical Spa in Grove, OK. We offer several weight management options that are personalized on a client-to-client basis. To determine the right approach for each of our clients, we require consultations and lab panels. A Physician Consultation is $75.00 and Lab Blood Work is $30.00 (all lab work filled with insurance).


This is a specialized diet and hormone therapy. A full 40 day regimen is $275.00.

IV Micronutrient Therapy

For any number of reasons, many people have digestive issues that make it difficult for them to absorb nutrients from food and/or supplements. Using the IV route, we place nutrients directly in the bloodstream, helping the body take advantage of them and to heal quickly. This has great benefits for the immune system, adrenal glands, etc.

The Myer's Cocktail: this IV infusion has it all. Vitamin C, Thiamine, B2 or Riboflavin, B3 or Niacin, B5 or Dexpanthenol, B6 or Pyridoxine, Vitamin B12, Magnesium, and Zinc.

Vitamin C is needed for growth & repair of tissues. Helps make collagen. Helps in wound healing and helps your body absorb iron.
Thiamine-Boosts immunity, positive mental attitude, enhanced learning ability, energy, fights stress and helps prevent memory loss.
Riboflavin-helps in the metabolism of fats into useful energy. B2 is used to recycle glutathione, which is one of the most important antioxidants in the body.
Niacin-boosts levels of HDL (good cholesterol) and lower triglycerides.
Dexpanthenol-Helps with healthy intestinal function. Like many B vitamins helps with treat many disease processes.
Pyridoxine-required by the body for utilization of energy in the foods you consume, production of red blood cells, proper functioning of nerves.
Hydroxycobalamine-Activates hundreds of chemical reactions throughout the body including triggering detox reactions. It works directly on brain cells to protect against damage.
Magnesium-assists in protein synthesis, muscle and nerve function, blood glucose control and blood pressure regulation. Required for energy production.
Zinc sulfate-important for growth and the development and health of body tissues.

  • Myer's Cocktail infusion... $149.99 

If this sounds beneficial to you, make an appointment with Dr. Caldwell. Flood your body with these nutrients today!

Glutathione Infusions: 

Glutathione is the 'mother' of all anti-oxidants. It contains an essential nutrient that prevents damage to important cellular components in your body. It's also a master detoxifier and helps support the immune system. IV therapy is the only delivery method where you get 100% bioavailability directly into the bloodstream while bypassing the GI tract for instant benefits. This treatment has shown promise for the treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Psoriasis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and other illnesses.

Physician consult required.

  • IV drip session of 1500mg... $99.00
  • IV push... $75.00
  • Infuse/push up to 3000mg in one session...$130.00


Sclerotherapy is used to treat spider and uncomplicated reticular veins to the legs. This minimally invasive treatment is performed by your healthcare provider by injecting the Asclera into the affected veins. Asclera is FDA approved by the FDA to specifically treat spider veins and reticular veins. It works by damaging the inner wall of the vessel causing it to collapse and over time, the damaged vein is replaced with fibrous tissue.  Some clients require multiple injection sessions for optimal treatment success.  Call for your consultation today and see if sclerotherapy is right for you. 


Laser Hair Removal & Small Vein Laser Services

Pricing due to Consult.

Other Services

If you are interested in a service or any medication that is not listed, please discuss your requirements with us. For men, we can add a Tri-Mix to their treatment plan. For women, we can include a stimulant (libido) cream to enhance their sex life.

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