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Hormone Replacement Therapy

An Effective Solution to Hormonal Imbalance

At Musuma Medical Spa in Grove, OK, we understand that our bodies are slowed down by age, genetics, and other environmental factors. More prominently, the lessened production of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone throws our hormones off balance.

The lack of these hormones can cause a number of issues, including nutritional deficiencies, lack of sleep, and an overall decline in health. In addition, hormonal deficiency slows down tissue and organ rejuvenation, leading to accelerated aging.

Regain Balance in Your Life

By restoring the body’s declining hormones to physiological levels, it is possible to regain youthful health and energy. With that being said, hormone replacement therapy must be performed with the utmost care to avoid complications. This is why we take this process seriously.

To ensure your safety, we require you to fill out our symptoms checklist and undergo a blood draw. Afterward, our clinicians correlate the symptomology with the results of your blood test.

Different Treatment Options

The hormone replacement therapy can be performed using bio-identical hormones. Bio-identical hormones match the exact hormones that humans make.

Men can do the therapy by taking pellets or testosterone injections. Depending the client’s biological makeup, the effects of hormone pellets can last from 3 to 6 months.

Women have the option to choose pills, pellets, or creams. 

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Sermorelin Therapy

What is Sermorelin? It is a bioidentical hormone that is genetically engineered to stimulate your own body to secrete growth hormone. Our 6 month therapy starts @ 295.00 per month. This includes physician's fee, Sermorelin Acetate/GHRP2, syringes, alcohol pads and instructions. You will need a blood test of Igf-1, a 3 month test and an end of therapy test for the physician to see what levels were achieved. This test is 80.00 (not included in the monthly fee). Other blood work may be necessary as deemed by the physician.

Every month, there are expected results that are common among most users of Sermorelin including weight loss, improved libido, improved muscle strength and contour, improved skin tone and elasticity, improved flexibility, faster muscle recovery, improved resistance to illness, etc.

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