Strawberry Lipo

Strawberry Lipo is very affordable! The 20 minute sessions are designed for twice weekly, for 4 weeks. Each 20 minute session is only 99.00! If you prepay for 4 weeks of sessions, you get one session FREE, $792 - $99=$693! You may also pay as you go along, at $99 each.

PLEASE NOTE: Everyone's body shape and needs are different. Your sessions will be designed to meet your needs alone. For example, some people may need just 10 minutes to a pocket on the abdomen, and 10 minutes to the arms. Some people may need the whole 20 minutes to the abdomen upper and lower. IF your body goals dictate that you need more time for 'love handles' or extra time to the upper outer waist, that results in additional cost and will be discussed as your care plan is being designed. Each session cannot exceed 40 minutes per protocol.
Each session includes 10 minutes on the body vibrating plate after the laser portion. This assists the free fatty acids, glycerol and water to move into your circulation for your body to excrete them normally.

*Prepaid sessions are nonrefundable and nontransferable. Prepaid sessions must be used within 6 weeks. After 6 weeks, a new session period begins. Must be 18 years old to be treated.

The Strawberry Lipo is perfect for people who:

*eat a low sugar/low fat diet
*who need help with stubborn fat pockets (abdomen,thigh,etc)
*drink plenty of water
*will dedicate 4 weeks to treatments

What is Strawberry Lipo?

This FDA approved device is a Class 3B cold red laser. The beams safely penetrate the hypodermis or fat layer. The laser causes the fat cells to empty their contents: water, glycerol and free fatty acids into the interstitial space. The fat cells significantly reduce in size, and blood vessels are unaffected.

Strawberry - Questions & Answers

How many treatments will I need? We recommend a package of 8 treatments consisting of 2 each week for 4 weeks .
Can I have more than one set of treatments? Yes, but it is essential to have a two week gap between courses.
Can I have more than one area treated at one time? Yes, if you are prepared to do more cardio vascular exercise.
Will the inches stay off after a treatment? Yes, if you maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine. !
What actually happens to the fat? The fat cells are undamaged but due to the reaction of the laser on tile cell it will only empty the contents. The contents consist of water, glycerol and free fatty acids. Following a treatment, the glycerol is rapidly absorbed by the body. The water carries the free fatty acids through the lymphatic system, through the liver and kidneys and then they are expelled naturally. 
Does the treatment hurt? No. There is no pain at all.
Will I have to keep coming back to keep my results? No, you can retain the results subject to your lifestyle - healthy eating and exercise plan.

Your Strawberry treatment and what to expect:

After an initial consultation and completion of the necessary forms, you will then be weighed, measured and the treatment area photographed (No faces). These details will be recorded so you can see your results. After you feel comfortable on the exam table, the Strawberry laser paddles will be fitted over the area to be treated. The paddles will be held in place with a Velcro strap. Once the paddles are fitted, the practitioner will place two Cluster probes close to the area and the painless treatment will begin. You will feel a very slight warmth. The treatment is very relaxing.

Your Instant Results!

The technician will have measured you with a self-tightening tape measure, prior to the procedure, and will re-measure you immediately following it. You will be informed at that time of your inch loss.

FDA clinical studies have shown a 95% success rate.

Strawberry - typical treatment areas:

Strawberry treatments can be carried out on small targeted areas, or more general areas, such as the abdomen, thighs or stomach.

In order to achieve the most long-lasting results, it is important to understand that the Strawberry is a part of a 3 stage process involving regular exercise and a sensible diet.

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